「 Management of Technology 」

I have a son and daughter.

From the beginning to the present, my son has grown up and our family has added new members.

In the anticipation and uneasiness of various challenges faced after starting a business, many partners have been added under the support of many excellent partners so far. Holding a gratitude every day, the company and family have the same responsibility to protect and grow together with everyone in a challenging environment.

I have the same mood as when I started my business. When the children grow up and integrate into the society, to make the environment in Japan better, "people" and "people", "people" and "things". , And the closer connection between "people" and "services", this is my vow in my heart.

So far, I have gone from a small business position to a liquor manufacturing company.

After taking on the responsibility of the president, I have experienced various valuable work experiences.

Originally started from the business of liquor sales (product development, sales, logistics). After taking office, he is currently engaged in web production business (planning, marketing, branding, design), video production business (planning, production, online distribution agency, machine Materials rental), various event businesses (planning, production), and various related businesses such as agency. With these experiences and practical results, I have received a lot of knowledge and assistance from various talents, which have become the "technology" I have now. Through the important partners, family members, and the business partners I respect, they have taught me to keep a strong will to continue to face whatever it is. To not forget this feeling of thanks, and in order to make full use of technology and continue to grow, I am determined to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

We aspire to realize all our customers' dreams. "To Expand Possibilities of the humanity," be fearless to challenge all kinds of stuff, utilize technologies, and expand possibilities in all areas of our lives. "To think better," grasp problems and probe deep into research topics."More Growth" each member holds high goals and works with everyone towards a more developed future.

CEO Ishitani Masayuki石谷 正之